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Why momentum matters more than you think

Want to improve team performance? Look at momentum first... it's more important than you think!

When you want to improve team performance, building momentum is one of the most important driving forces. Sometimes we see that talents, who were the standouts in another team, suddenly don't come into their own in a new setting.

  • Are they suddenly less talented?

  • Is their motivation gone?

  • Are they not able to build momentum?

Chances are this is about momentum.

To increase their momentum, try to increase the driving force behind their success and remove the obstacles - removing obstacles often being the most important factor. So how do you do that?

We use an explanatory model that allows you to get your team(s) moving within 100 days. With 5 sets of research questions that will guide your leadership.

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Want to know more about what we have learned about increasing employee resilience? One of the most highly valued learning modules from our transformation programs is "Take control of Employee Experience."

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