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The river Gein runs from Abcoude to Weesp with a dike surrounded by farms and land. The road meanders along the river bordered by willows and gives a new view after every bend. It is a half hour walk or ten minutes by bike from Abcoude station. In any case, it is a beautiful route that slows you down and invites you to look around. Exactly our intention. An environment that inspires and makes growth possible.

Our office is located in an old dairy factory and has a spacious space (55 m2) where we offer the possibility inspiration sessions, workshops and meetings . The space gives you the space to move freely between the conference table and various seating areas. There is a screen, flip chart and white board. An extra beamer with screen can be placed on request. There are 8 chairs around the conference table, but we can set up other configurations depending on your needs.

We also offer the possibility to record podcasts (up to four people) . Let us know if you would like to receive more information about this. If your work session is about transformation, we can give you a helping hand. We regularly facilitate inspiration sessions and workshops.