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Through our inspiration sessions, workshops and GROWTH-programs we guide transformations and help organizations to profit from positive change. We do this based on our unique approach and a set of assumptions. For mor information read below.

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Our definition of a transformation is when the development of mindset, skillset and toolset is required to realise the desired progress. ​

The transformation process consists of an inspiration, discover and growth phase. ​

Because 75%  of transformation ambitions fail in the bottom of the learning curve our approach focuses on guiding teams through this process.


We believe you need to learn how to change attitudes and grow awareness around:​​

  • Motivation – willingness​

  • Capabilities – ability​

  • Environment - support​​

Mindset: a set of mentalities (attitudes) that explain and predict organizational behaviors​


In order to transform you need the right organizational skillset. We help you to learn how to change behaviors and grow the competence levels within:​​

  • People & organization Excellence (EX)

  • Customer Excellence (CX )​

  • Operational Excellence (Exploitation)​

  • Product Excellence (Exploration)​​

Skillset: a set of abilities to do (behaviors) something really well 



With the right mindset and skillset you can explore and integrate the tools that are required to scale the transformation through:

  • Structures​

  • Processes​

  • Data-usage​

  • Technology​​


Toolset: a set of assets that will help to support and scale the desired behaviors that lead to the desired progress (results)


Within our programs we work with the unique GROWTH-method to increase the effectiveness of your strategic efforts. The GROWTH-canvas takes you through the six stages of problem solving around a concrete business challenge you have:

Goal: what do you want to achieve?

Reality:  what is your current reality and problem definition?

Options: what options do you have to achieve your goal?

Way forward: how will you implement these options?

Hypothesis: what is the most critical assumption that must be correct?

Test: how do you test this assumption?


By going through these steps systematically, you will get the desired results and learn to improve the crucial steps of goal setting, problem analysis, solution development, prioritization, implementation, experimentation and testing. Our programs will take you through multiple iterations.



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We have the following believes about transformation of organizations that influence our way of working:


  • We believe in the power of mobilising talented culture carriers in an organization.

  • We believe that awareness concerning the transformation curve is crucial.

  • We believe in working with the driving and restraining forces in an organization.

  • We believe that development and progress are more important than perfection.

  • We believe that with a small effort you can achieve disproportionate large outcomes.

  • We believe in creating organizational momentum.

  • We believe that the solution is always closer than you think.

  • We believe that ‘skin in the game’ is required for a transformation.

  • We believe we are the best alternative to consultancy. 

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Proprietary method based on scientific insights

We use our own method, in which we combine different models in a unique approach, the GROWTH-method. These models have a strong theoretical basis and are evidence based*. We work diligently on improving our tools, daily. ​

*It is only fair to mention that some of our models are based on our experience and do not (yet) meet the strict standards of scientific practice. If you have any questions about this claim let us know.​

Read more about our approach

If you like our approach we have many different ways of engaging with it. We love to deliver keynotes, organize workshops to create insights or design a tailor made GROWTH program to implement the transformation.

Read more about our services here.

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