Complex problems will emerge within organizations that need a transformative way of thinking to solve them. Due North helps to navigate complexity and reach goals through our GROWTH programs that centers around solving a business challenges whilst applying mindset, skillset and toolset development. Transformation requires idiosyncratic leadership and allows you to create the momentum to:

  • Grow organizational awareness through mindset development

  • Grow organizational competence through skillset development

  • Grow transformative results through toolset development



Within our programs we work with the unique GROWTH model to increase the effectiveness of your strategic efforts. The GROWTH Canvas takes you through the six stages of problem solving around a concrete business challenge you have:

  1. Goal: what do you want to achieve?

  2. Reality: what is your current reality and problem definition?

  3. Options: what options do you have to achieve your goal?

  4. Way forward: how will you implement these options?

  5. Hypothesis: what is the most critical assumption that must be correct?

  6. Test: how do you test this assumption?


By going through these steps systematically, you will get the desired results and learn to improve the crucial steps of goal setting, problem analysis, solution development, prioritization, implementation, experimentation and testing.


Our programs will usually take you through multiple iterations.



We start by teaching you how to develop the mindset of the cultural frontrunners within the organization to solve complex problems and reach goals. Using our GROWTH model you will learn how to change attitudes and grow awareness about the:

  • Motivation: the willingness needed to transform

  • Environment: the support system needed to transform

  • Capabilities: the ability needed to transform


When you have learned to developed your organizational awareness the focus will shift to developing your skillset. Using our GROWTH model you will learn how to implement behavioral change and grow the competence levels within:

  • Human Resource Excellence (EX)

  • Customer Excellence (CX)

  • Operational Excellence (Exploitation)

  • Product Excellence (Exploration)



When you have learned to developed the organizational competence level the focus will shift to developing your toolset. Using our GROWTH model you will learn how to integrate the toolset and grow your results by improving:

  • Organizational structures

  • Processes

  • Data

  • Technology

If you like our approach we have many different ways of engaging with it. We love to deliver keynotes, organize workshops to create insights or design a tailor made GROWTH program to implement the transformation.

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