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How to harness positive change: a challenging journey

Embracing positive change: this is the cornerstone of our belief. But in the complex landscape of business, what do we mean by “positive” and how can businesses truly “benefit”?

In this context, consider:

  • Benefit: Leveraging situations to gain a advantage.

  • Positive: Focusing on beneficial outcomes.

  • Change: Adapting to new business realities.

We believe organizations can act as a force for positive change and leave a lasting, beneficial footprint in their industry. It requires finding that delicate equilibrium between prosperity, well-being, and welfare. It’s about reshaping businesses for a sustainable future.


Understanding value lenses: prosperity, well-being, and welfare

In the complex tapestry of business values, three lenses stand out: prosperity, well-being, and welfare.

  • Prosperity primarily focuses on the financial health and growth of an organization. It’s about revenues, profits, and the economic indicators that drive business forward.

  • Then there’s well-being, which takes into account the mental, emotional, and physical health of employees within an organization. It emphasizes a positive work environment, work-life balance, and the overall satisfaction and happiness of individuals.

  • Lastly, welfare looks beyond the immediate boundaries of the organization, considering its impact on the broader community and environment. It’s about corporate social responsibility, sustainable practices, and ensuring that the organization’s activities benefit society at large. Together, these three lenses provide a holistic view of an organization’s footprint in the world, each essential in its own right, and each demanding careful consideration and balance.

Adopting different value lenses

If you embark on this journey, be prepared, as the road is fraught with challenges. The allure of quick profits can overshadow long-term benefits, and the pitfalls of “greenwashing” are ever-present. 

Embracing this new paradigm often requires a holistic transformation. It’s not just about adopting new tools but a shift in organizational mindset, skillset, and defining what true progress looks like. It’s about moving away from short-term prosperity and embracing a model that equally values well-being and welfare.

Looking back or forward?

Economic indicators are signaling a shift. As growth plateaus, the age-old cost-driven approaches are resurfacing. This poses a question to all businesses: Will you fall back on outdated practices or invest in a future shaped by positive change? Will you stick to old tools or re-evaluate your entire approach?

Find the balance

Positive change isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. As businesses evolve, prosperity might need to make room for well-being and welfare. While many organizations mention these in their vision statements, the practical application often lags. How do these ambitions intersect with revenue goals? What impact do they have on profit margins? What is your roadmap for these intricate decisions?

The definition of success

In this ever-evolving business landscape, definitions of success are fluid. Yesterday’s victories might be today’s challenges. And vice versa. Positive change is a journey, often requiring tough choices for long-term gains. With Due North Consultancy by your side, you’re equipped to make these decisions with clarity and confidence.

“Never waste a crisis.” Shift it towards positive change. 



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