The core of our services is the GROWTH-program. To kick-start this you could decide to gain inspiration or to discover how this might help you. ​


Kick-start your transformation

We are here to inspire you on how to profit from change. We do this in the form of a presentation or workshop. We always start from your specific challenges and situation.​


  • Presentation internally: 1.500 euros​

  • Presentation externally: per request​

  • GROWTH workshop: 3.000 euros​



Define your transformation potential

We like to discover how your organization can profit from change. This gives you insight into the value lenses that shape your transformation goals.​

  • EXI analysis: how do your employees experience the current value of the organization?​

  • CXI analysis: how do your customers experience the current value of the organization?​

  • EXPI analysis: what is the value of the current (exploitation) business model​?

  • EXPI analysis: what is the value of the future (exploration) business model?​

Investment: on request​


Achieve your transformation goals

Together we determine which GROWTH-program suits your needs best.​ ​​​​​​​​All our programs consist of a fixed and a variable monthly fee. Because we aim to discuss whether we add the expected value. Our cooperation can always be terminated per month, simply because we believe that the cooperation should be mutually desirable.​

Investment: see fees in overview

For tailormade programs: upon request

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Proprietary method based on scientific insights

We use our own method, in which we combine different models in a unique approach, the GROWTH-method. These models have a strong theoretical basis and are evidence based*. We work diligently on improving our tools, daily. ​

*It is only fair to mention that some of our models are based on our experience and do not (yet) meet the strict standards of scientific practice. If you have any questions about this claim let us know.​


Our business guarantee

All of our consultants are committed to: ​

Do no harm to their client.​

  • Avoid dependence by you on your client.​

  • Avoid dependence by your client on you.​

  • Avoid conflicts of interest.​

Operate within the spirit of the law.​

  • Respect the intention of the agreement with your client.​

  • Respect client confidentially.​

  • Do not aid and abet a client in breaking the law.​

Uphold a professional standard.​

  • Do not consult beyond your expertise.​

  • Share analysis as factually as possible, including the limits of the analysis.​

  • All claims made should be open to critical examination and the outcomes honored.​

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