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Do you feel responsible for the well-being of your colleagues?

On your way home, do you ever think "It really can't go on like this anymore!"?

If the answer is yes, you may recognize some of these;

  • There is a challenging goal for 2024

  • However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve the same results

  • Teams are under pressure and colleagues are stacking up work

  • Every day is booked solid with meetings, to put out more and more fires

  • Sloppy mistakes are being made that were not made before

  • You are worried about the sustainability of the situation

Despite the fact that you have picked up on these signals and discussed them with several colleagues, it remains at an understanding confirmation and an underlying "works needs to get done" message. Perhaps some well-intentioned, but marginal things, are being tackled, but that feels like a band-aid, not a solution.

We come across many variations of these circumstances, so this may not be your story literally. There are a lot teams that really need to change course, but the managers have no idea where to start... Or perhaps better said; when to start. Because every serious attempt to improve the situation seems to get postponed. The organization keeps running away from the pain instead of dealing with it - they need to break this pattern.

In this situation, two things are important.

  • Know that every day of postponement makes the situation (probably) even more difficult to solve

  • Ask for help

Postponing the request for help, whether internal or external, makes it a little bit more difficult every day.

Do you recognize this situation? Then look up the details of someone you trust and call, email or message that person!

Good luck...


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