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Victory has many fathers, but defeat is an orphan.

We often see that companies try to find a standardized way, or a blueprint, to succes. Regardless of what success means, it's the blueprint thinking that amazes me - the idea that there is a copyable, controllable route to success.

I understand the need and desire for control, by the way. The idea that we have little or no control over our circumstances is frightening. We'd rather tell ourselves a reassuring "lie" than face this unsettling "truth."

Unfortunately, this has led to entire industries that capitalize on this fear by offering expensive symptom relief. And yes - most consulting firms also make use of this. In fact, I think we have also been (or are) guilty of this. And we continue to work under the same conditions with the same companies, even if they are completely wrong

Unfortunately, this has led to entire industries that capitalize on this fear by offering expensive symptom relief. And yes, most consulting firms also use this approach. In fact, I think we've all been guilty of it at some point. And we keep working with the same companies under the same conditions, even when they're 82,000% wrong! Just look at the criticisms of John Oliver...

So what can we do about it? For today, I'll leave you with this advice: When you want to achieve something, realize that in a complex environment, success is determined by different factors in each situation. There is a large element of randomness involved.

Captain sailing a sea of uncertainty

You can definitely navigate this randomness cleverly by adopting an attitude of wonder, and continuing to experiment. Preferably in parallel. Because success has many different paths!

At the same time, focus on identifying a number of failure factors. These have much more in common than we often think. When you and your team train yourselves to recognize the subtle signals indicating that a failure factor is at play, you can change course!

So be clear about what support you do and don't need. Because when even satirical programs start to raise red flags, it's time to take serious notice.


We are happy to help you perform better in times of uncertainty. Start with an inspiration session or a workshopor simply send us a message!


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