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Be the moral compass of your management

Many executives want to make a real difference with their organizations. But they also need to be able, allowed, and most importantly, dare to do so...

You're probably thinking, but isn't it up to the executives to decide these things? That's true. But no executive operates in a vacuum.

Even in the boardroom, there needs to be not only the right motivation but also the necessary skills and courage. The latter is often driven by one's own moral compass, which must stand up to the various temptations in this environment. Temptations such as:

  • The path of least resistance

  • The path with the least risk

  • Short-term success

So it's not just about financial incentives, although you can't ignore those, but also about the potential loss of reputation and respect. After all, these are also the criteria by which executive positions are obtained.

As an EX or CX professional who wants to work towards a more meaningful employee and customer experience, it is therefore important to continue to interpret the voice from outside. That of the customer of today and the future. Even when it's not easy.

By giving employees, customers, patients, or citizens a voice, you help to calibrate the moral compass. This is not easy, but it is very important.

To what extent do you think EX & CX professionals are already taking the space to take on this role?


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