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Have we forgotten to do things because they are important?

And why this is important for CX & EX changemakers...!

I feel like we are suffering from the fact that we are increasingly vacillating between doing things that we either enjoy or that are imposed on us because they have to be done.

In the motivation spectrum, we move from extrinsic (external) to intrinsic (internal) motivation. This spectrum includes three types of motivation:

  1. Because it has to be done

  2. Because it is important

  3. Because it is fun

We seem to be obsessed with our desire for things we (don't) enjoy and our deep aversion to things "they" tell us we have to do!

The ability to mobilize ourselves for something because it's important seems to be less and less of a source of motivation. We rely more and more on guiding rules or what gives us pleasure.

However, in change processes, it is precisely this second form of motivation that is useful to rely on. "Because it's important." Otherwise, you are completely dependent on power (because it has to be done) or finding rousing positivity. "Because it is important" is often a much more realistic and sustainable reason for a change.

Perhaps this is the crux of the problem. Many change processes lack the shared interest that is necessary to make it important for everyone involved.

So the question in every change process is also whose interest does this change serve? And to what extent can we make the change important with it?

In this way, we become much less dependent on the carrot of "finding it fun" or the stick of "having to do it".


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