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We guide (management) teams around cultural change during a workshop. We investigate the driving and limiting forces that influence your ambitions. We share our knowledge and experience and apply it to your specific situation. It will leave you with insights in the next steps you need to take to realise your desired culturalchange.

Find below several examples of workshops that we have organised. Do not hesitate to tell us where you get stuck. And let's take it from there. 


Navigate cultural change

Every change starts with a clear, committed and challenging goal. Something the team is prepared to invest in, including the potential challenges that will arise.

Discover how your team can get aligned on your desired culture


Employee experience & culture

We talk a lot about the satisfaction of our employees. But what does it entail and do we truly understand hoe we can motivate individuals to change. Which culture is needed to achieve this.

Discover how mindset en skillset are curicial elements of change


Leading cultural change

Is your team set up for cultural change? And do you have the key ingredients of team work - leadership, autonomy and conflict - in place? And if not, what is withholding you?

Get your (leadership) team ready for cultural change


Organizational systems & culture

Organizational structure  that is not geared towards cultural change, is a reality that most teams deal with. How do you deal with these circumstances and influence your desired change?

Learn to navigate your organizational structure



Our workshops are a starting point to learn to profit from change. Based on the desired cultural change we explore under which circumstances you have to realize the change. We define the current mindset and skillset and the barriers that need to be removed and which forces need to speed up. Our guidance is based on our GROWTH©-approach.  After the workshop you will have a common understanding of the challenge ahead and an indication of a possible direcion for cultural change. Read more about our approach.

You can book a workshop as of 3000,- euro including preperation and feedback. 

We have our own location which can host the worksho up to 6 people.









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