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The CX "Silent Killer"

Are you a victim of the CX "Silent Killer"?

You may have lulled yourself to sleep with false progress...

The wanted poster for the CX assassin would read something like this:

  • This person is described as a passionate CX professional.

  • This person has a good answer for every question.

  • This person has convincing statistics that show actual progress.

And yet you have the feeling that something is not quite right. As it turns out, this person is you! And the victim you are making is yourself (and a little bit your organization).

Unintentionally, you may have lulled yourself to sleep with false progress. It was not your intent, it went slowly, and it took roughly the following forms:

  • The progress was not as expected, but there was progress nonetheless, and progress is better than perfection... Right?

  • You listened selectively to the signals you received because you can't please everyone, and you didn't want to overshadow the previous successes with bad news...

  • The time and resources allocated were much less than you actually needed to achieve your goals, but you agreed to them...

These forms in themselves are very understandable. But added together, they can hide the fact that the progress you have made is not what it could have been. If that's the case, it is wise to take the pain now and have a real conversation about this with your stakeholders instead of constantly showing the organization just enough progress to keep it calm.

Only when the organization experiences that creating a meaningful experience requires a professional effort, with dedication and the right resources, will you be able to make a positive difference.

Have a great week!


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