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How to use AI to benefit beyond financial gains

With the advent of ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become incredibly accessible. As some herald this as a new era of potential, there are those who speculate on its ultimate implications, ranging from economists and tech enthusiasts to philosophers.

On one side, there’s excitement over “productivity growth” and the “creation of new jobs”. On the other, concerns about “increased fake news”, “privacy breaches”, and the potential “diminishing and degradation of professions and compensations” arise. Ethical debates are heating up, and even the EU is working swiftly on legislation to regulate this burgeoning technology.

Yet, amidst the speculation and debates, a pertinent question arises: Who stands to profit from these AI advancements?


Leaders and shareholders predominantly benefit. By leveraging AI, they aim to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and fortify their existing business model.

Customer experience

The focus is on providing superior products or services through AI integration. Ideally, customers stand to benefit, but how this financial advantage trickles down to them remains questionable.

Employee experience

Here, the value AI brings is reinvested in the employees to heighten their job satisfaction, be it via shorter work hours, higher compensation, or opportunities for personal growth.


It’s about the future. AI is used to evolve business propositions, ensuring a company’s long-term relevance, benefiting future generations.

Yet, current economic models tend to favor the first perspective. Sam Altman of OpenAI and other industry leaders have expressed concerns about how AI profits are allocated. The prevailing mindset of profits majorly benefiting employers and stakeholders could be a missed chance to instigate genuine societal advancements.

However, technology isn’t always as democratic as it appears. Despite platforms like OpenAI being mostly ‘free’, not everyone possesses the resources, knowledge, or financial capacity to harness its potential.

As AI’s future unfolds, its greatest potential might be in serving humanity and the planet at large. The challenge lies in striking a balance, ensuring everyone profits from positive change.


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