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How a small difference makes all the difference

And why this is important for EX & CX professionals...!

We are surrounded by differences. In organizations, we often try to eliminate differences as much as possible. As the saying goes, "all on the same page" However...

  • Difference is part of our daily lives

  • Difference is simply necessary

  • Difference is often a good thing

And, very importantly, difference in people is often caused by small, random events...

  • The luck of the genetic draw

  • Where you were born

  • Who your parents are

So, very random events give life different directions. It is in these differences that unique and enriching perspectives lie.

An important part of EX & CX leadership is therefore to recognize and acknowledge the differences that make the difference for people. And not to hold them (unconsciously) responsible for these completely random events.

It is very tempting to let ourselves be swept away by the enormous amount of information that comes our way. We filter out, almost completely unconsciously, that which is "different" and form an opinion in line with our own perspective. That determines our actions.

So, adjusting your filters to recognize the differences that can make the difference for others is a prerequisite if you want to stimulate diversity of thought in your team. Especially if you want to be able to create meaningful experiences for employees and customers!

Many of the problems we have in our employee and customer relationships are caused by a too limited perspective.
  • Someone who has had debts themselves, looks differently at someone who pays their bill (too) late

  • Someone who has been sick, looks differently at a patient

  • Someone who is "different", looks differently at other people who are "different"

As an EX or CX leader, it is therefore up to you to help your team(s) with this. To create a setting in which these differences are valued and given the space they deserve. Because these valuable differences will otherwise be lost.


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