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A Toxic Work Environment, "Good Afternoon" in the Morning

‘’Good afternoon’’ - when you enter the office slightly after nine in the morning...

Sounds familiar?

Those little "teases" that are supposed to subtly point you to your work ethic. It is a sign of an effort-driven or bureaucratic culture where it is especially important that you deliver input. Make sure you are there, and show that you do a lot. The results you achieve do not really matter here.

If you recognize this culture, it is important to realize that there are a few serious disadvantages to it. It often starts with a good idea. Everyone contributes their bit. But when you are too rigid in this approach, it starts to work against you. It will make work purely about quantity, not quality.

illustration on quantity versus quality

That is why many organizations strive for a meritocratic culture. A culture where the best idea wins. The best idea here equals the best result. An outcome. The challenge here is to find out the relationship between the effort and the result.

That is often the reason why the meritocratic culture does not get off the ground. It is more complicated to manage in that respect because you not only have to learn to take into account what people are really good at, you also have to figure out as a leader what the best idea actually is - assuming that this is possible in the first place.

Dat is vaak de reden waarom de meritocratische cultuur niet van de grond komt. Het is op dat vlak ingewikkelder om aan te sturen omdat je niet alleen rekening moet leren houden met wat mensen écht goed maak je moet als leider achterhalen wat het beste idee is. In de veronderstelling dat dit daadwerkelijk te achterhalen is.

Every culture has advantages and disadvantages. No culture is perfect and is largely shaped by the environment in which an organization operates. This raises the question of how malleable culture actually is. But we can protect our people from the excesses of a culture.

Good morning then simply means good morning.

Have a nice Monday...


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