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Cultural change: E-learning is not enough!

As part of breaking through a toxic culture, (supposedly) one of the solutions is to follow E-learning about respect in the workplace.

There is great doubt about the effectiveness of such training courses. The biggest problem is that this training will be received in the same culture where the problem arose. And that they are therefore far too non-committal.

The people who diligently follow this training are usually not the problem. Although there is nothing wrong with a little extra awareness. There are always enough people who stood by and watched.

But the culture bearers, those who have an above-average influence on the culture in the organization due to their (often privileged) position, are decisive for the success of a change. Because a change comes about when enough people want, can and are allowed to change.

When culture bearers openly sabotage this change, the idea that many colleagues can and may adapt is lost.

The use of a loose tool (toolset) without an intervention strategy aimed at attitude and especially behavior is like being 3-0 behind and losing your star player to injury.

It once again demonstrates how unmanageable culture actually is. And that adapting a toxic culture requires a whole series of interventions, of which it is very much the question whether these organizations are really prepared to take these steps...

(This was prompted by the E-learning within the media world that was ridiculed in several programs following the NPO report on transgressive behavior).


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