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From now on we are the most demotivating speakers in the Netherlands

Motivation can be found elsewhere... What we mean by this is the following:

We are at an important crossroads in society. Perhaps we have already taken the exit on a number of issues. These are complex problems that are (going to) hit us, and our organizations, very hard. And that is why our thesis is...

We staan maatschappelijk op een belangrijk kruispunt. Misschien hebben we op een aantal thema's de afslag al genomen. Daarbij gaat het om complexe problemen die ons en onze organisaties snoeihard (gaan) raken. En daarom is onze stelling...

To solve complex societal problems, we cannot be dependent on motivation.

To be more precise (and this is an important detail), dependency on intrinsic motivation.

What we mean by that, is the idea that we are motivated to work, because working on the problem is satisfying in itself. To solve this complex problems, we will need to make the switch from "what is fun" to "what is important". And that message can be quite demotivating. Because...

  • Your existing ideas may turn out to be wrong

  • Your intended goals may turn out to be unachievable

  • Your role in the whole thing may turn out to be a lot smaller than you hoped

To this we say, "so be it"... In fact, we are prepared to become the most demotivating speakers in the Netherlands when it comes to implementing important changes in organizations. As we said, we are at a meaningful crossroads.

So if you were looking for a motivating but incomplete story about change, sorry! But, if you were looking for an inspiring but challenging story about meaningful change in the real world... then we'd love to get in touch, feel free to send an email to

Have a nice demotivated day everyone!


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