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Make yourself indispensable in your organization

Make yourself indispensable as a CX or EX professional by giving a loud voice to weak signals...

When you are passionate about creating a meaningful internal or external experience, there is a huge opportunity here. Or perhaps better said, if you don't do this, there is a huge risk!

What risk? Well, the news is full of examples. Organizations where Pandora's box has been opened because for years no action was taken on weak signals, so they escalated into hard-hitting signals of unwanted circumstances.

The more these circumstances are allowed to become "normal", the more difficult it is to do something about them. That is not an excuse, but a fact.

As CX or EX professionals, we move in the world of the experience of others! That means that we have the antennae we need to give words to this.

There has been quite a lot of attention in recent years to measuring experience, for instance with analytics systems, or employee happiness measurement. But how to act on it, especially when it comes to bringing difficult messages to important stakeholders, remains complicated.

As CX and EX professionals, we are only as good as our ability to get organizations to act on these insights. And that is not only complicated but also often frustrating and, let's be honest, very exciting.

If you are currently in such a situation, that you face weak signals that are being ignored and you don't know what to do next? We would be happy to make time for you to discuss this, of course in confidence and without any ulterior motives or strings attached. It's as simple as sending us a message...

Good luck!


P.s. Want to know more about our highly valued inspiration session: meaningful change in the real world? Mail us at


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