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You don't live to work!

You work to live, you don't live to work...

That's how it should be.

But it's not (yet).

Companies are fantastic institutions. They have brought us, society, a lot. We don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

But they have also cost us a lot. And there is a growing public debate about these social costs. In exchange for a salary, we are willing to give up a lot:

  • Time...

  • Attention...

  • Autonomy...

Often, that is a very fair deal. A fixed income in exchange for your time, attention and a bit of obedience.

However ... we have ended up in a situation where we have made ourselves believe that you need the organization more than the organization needs you.

We made ourselves believe that your time, attention and autonomy are endlessly interchangeable and that you should fear for your place. We made ourselves believe that it is necessary to give up more and more.

This frustrates our basic psychological needs and is not sustainable. Many organizations are already thinking about how they want their employees to experience their work. Thinking on how to create a fairer balance between giving and taking. So that in the important moments we don't have to be busy with work but with "real" life...

Hartelijke groeten!


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