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When you are looking for a way to shape your desired transformation and overcome the complex challenges that you will probably be facing we advise a GROWTH-program. Transformations do not happen over night and most fail despite good intentions.  Read how and why this approach can help you. Because we learn you to transform. And we achieve results. As development & progress = transformation.




Every organization has people that are change-minded. Who would like to change, but are not capable or allowed to do so. Talent that drives your transformation.  We help you by enabling this group to work on your transformation goals within a GROWTH-program. Goals that you define together. We guide you through the development of mindset, skillset and toolset whilst working on concrete GROWTH-cases which will contribute to your transformation goals. Our approach allows the cteam to develop and progress , using momentum. This is how you learn to profit from positive change. 

What do you wish to achieve by your transformation?  Tell us your challenge and we can discuss if we can help you. 

And be reassured, if we believe we are not the right one, we will also let you know.



Our programs are based on a rythm. This provides the support that is required to create the space to discover the right interventions to realise the required development and progress.  

There are always two teams

  • The coretam, usually 2 to 3 leaders, who provides the assigment, sets the boundaries and supports the transformation team.

  • The transformation team which exists of 3 to 7 culture carriers with whom we will create the desired change. There can be several transformation teams depending on the size of the challenge and organisation. 

Together we determine which GROWTH-program suits you best. All programs consist of a fixed and variable fee. Because we like to discuss if we add the expected value on a regular basis.  Let us know if you wish to learn more about it.



A journey into your transformation

To kick-start a program or initiate your transformation we also offer a deepdive to give you a headstart. 

During 3-5 days we will work with your team on your transformation ambition. You will be inspired as you visualize your desired change, you will discover unexpected insights based on your reality and find out what needs to grow..


Leaving you more aware and with sufficient options to act upon. 

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