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Daan spent over 17 years in customer experience and organizational development organizing continuous organizational change within Corporates and as an entrepreneur.


"Throughout my career  I always focused on the development of the organization towards a better customer and employee experience. I like digging into complexity. Presenting complex problems as simple as possible but not any simpler so that we can help to solve them.


I am an enthusiast at heart and bring a high level of energy. I see learning opportunities everywhere and believe in creating a growth culture. Whenever I can I love to read and discuss various topics that are directly and indirectly related to my profession in order to better understand. I  have developed this habit of buying more books than I am able to read to remind myself of everything I still want to learn.


I am a systemic thinker and see patterns where other people usually don’t. Connecting dots comes easy to me and helps me to quickly get a good sense of the dynamic of a complex problems where I provide the proper frame so that we can start solving them.


Over the years I have worked with boards, management teams and specialist on customer and employee experience strategies and organizational development. I was engaged in several (digital) transformation programs. I have coached and consulted leaders within various sectors. This experience and my love of helping others has led me to start Due North where I hope to contribute to our ability to solving complex problems that our coming generations will Inherit from us."

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