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The beauty of weeds and waste: a lesson for organizations

Has anyone ever stopped to consider what constitutes a weed?

The term is entirely subjective, lacking any objective or biological definition. In theory, any plant species could be labeled as a weed.

Whether a plant is considered undesirable depends on the intended use of the land where it grows and the perspective of the observer. On top of that, perceptions of weeds can change over time.

What does this have to do with waste? Simple... the term "waste" is equally subjective, meaning any activity within an organization could be perceived as wasteful.

Daydreaming, lounging around, or engaging in casual conversations over coffee are not typically associated with productivity. Everything is expected to have a purpose. Yet, it's precisely during these moments that connections are made and new ideas emerge.

Of course, a garden can become overgrown, threatening other plants. Similarly, the level of freedom within an organization can become excessive. However, our fear of this far outweighs the actual risk.

Perhaps it's time to reevaluate our perception of "waste," just as we might reconsider letting some weeds grow in our gardens. This approach not only benefits biodiversity but also frees up time for other pursuits...


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