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Soul-less organizations

Ideally we will never work for soulless organizations again!

What makes an organization soulless? Simply put, it's when an organization fails to Care for the Internal and External Worlds.

Soulless organizations tend to leave the world in a worse state than they found it. They provide prosperity, but that's no longer enough to justify the impact they have.

By also Caring for the effects on the internal world, how the people in the organization are doing (people), and the impact on the external world (planet), a broader societal role emerges. This places organizations in a particularly challenging period of significance.

Actually caring for the internal and external world cannot be perfect all at once. Progress is more important than perfection, and intention is very important - and quickly noticeable. The time for making big promises but delivering little to nothing is over. We will have to work together. And sooner rather than later.

We believe that this is where the difference can be made. And importantly, this will become increasingly important for attracting the talent of the future.

To what extent do you think soulless organizations still have a future?


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