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Relaxing... important but so often misunderstood

We crave relaxation, that time to recharge and sharpen our mental tools. Yet, we often fall short in choosing the right ways to unwind.

All year long we're very busy, or rather, we make ourselves very busy. That tension has an impact on our physical and mental state.  While we all know that no one on their deathbed sighs, "...if only I had worked harder...!".

Now that summer is approaching, it's a good time to think about how you're going to recharge in the coming period. We have a few tips for this that might not be earth-shattering but are often forgotten nonetheless. So...

Don't do nothing!

Did you know that the vacation period sees an increased number of incidents due to heart problems? The transition from exertion to complete relaxation isn't necessarily good for you. Staying physically active, for example by going for brisk walks, gardening (for the stay-cationers), or swimming, helps ease into this transition.

Spark your brain, but differently!

Here too, doing nothing isn't very helpful. However, you can do something stimulating for your brain by casually learning something (perhaps reading a nice book?) or listening to music. Having a good conversation with travel companions also works wonders. But if you can, leave your laptop at home!

Prepare yourself for vacation!

Take a few days off beforehand to prepare for your vacation at ease. No last-minute hassles. During those days, turn on your "out of office" message and shut down your laptop. Is it absolutely necessary to check in with work during your vacation? Plan this and stick to a time block. You do that at the office too, right? To top it all off, take an extra day upon returning to ease back into things.

So take good care of yourself and each other! Because the quality of relationships is definitely an important topic on your deathbed. And lastly, because it's a truth as plain as a cowbell, don't wait until your vacation to (learn to) relax! See if you can use these same tips to make your weekends even more relaxing!

Wishing you a very happy vacation (in advance)!


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