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If you don't listen, you'll learn the hard way

The coming period will require a catch-up in personal attention to reduce the enormous dropout rate among professionals. Combine this with the fact that many organizations are struggling to find good people, and you have a significant issue.

So what can we do about this dropout rate? Work climate, in particular the effect a manager can have in this context, is one of the main reasons people drop out. And an important area of attention for work climate, is employee experience.

Employee experience will become a key factor in attracting and retaining talent in the coming years. 

Talented people love to be challenged. That their opinion is asked for. That this opinion is taken seriously. And that is often exactly where things go wrong. An earlier poll showed that the "top" of organizations often work in an echo chamber where they mainly want to let their own ideas resound.

Being given enough space to feel useful and competent is an important psychological basic need. Frustrate this in employees and the dropout rates will automatically increase.

How does an organization ensure that talents are challenged enough so that they feel connected to an organization and want to stay? Organizations that cannot answer this question, that are not willing to listen, will feel the effects. When talent flees, an organization will have difficulty remaining competitive, especially in the long term.

To what extent are talents really used to think along in your organization?


Want to know more about what we have learned about increasing employee resilience?

One of the most highly valued learning modules from our transformation programs is Managing the Employee Experience. Interested? Feel free to send us a message!


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