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Niki spent over 20 years in digital marketing & ecommerce, facing continous change, the last 14 years in management roles.  Worked at corporates, agency side and as an entrepeneur.

"From the start of my career  I was always interested in the strategy of the business and the people. I feel a strong desire to create clarity about the future, to explore new ideas and  (technological) concepts and to improve the organization.


My energy is high and enthusiastic, I see opportunities everywhere, also in difficult situations. Never waste a good crisis is something I believe in, also on a personal level. I have invested in myself, developing my talents and accepting my flaws. 


I am a sharp and critical thinker with a creative and intuitive approach and am honest and direct in communications.  I do not take myself too serious and enjoy a good laugh.  Having worked in masculine environments most of the time I am also quite alert to making sure we find a balanced perspective.


The last 14 years I have worked with management teams on strategic planning and organizational development and was engaged in mergers and acquisitions. I have coached and consulted many individuals and start-ups. This experience and my love of helping others has brought me to Due North where I hope to contribute to your ability to find growth.

Beside my role at Due North Concultancy I serve as a Non-executive boardmemeber at Enviu, an organization that builds world changing companies and as a mentor at the accelerator programs at Impact Hub.

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