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Jeff if the founder and owner of Insinto and arguably one of the most progressive data science agencies in the EX and CX field. We are proud to call Insinto a strategic partner and are delighted to give Jeff an opportunity to introduce himself.

"Throughout my career I have always focused on the development of organizations with a view to a better customer and employee experience. I like to research complex issues, present them as simply as possible and solve them. 


Within the partnership with Due North I focus on the validity of research methods and help clients to conduct data driven customer and employee experience research. In addition, I focus on the development of measuring techniques and the use of data science to transform data into insights. 


I have a background as a business administrator (VU), business researcher (Amsterdam Business Research Institute) and Data Scientist (Erasmus University) and. In addition to being a strategic partner of Due North, I am the owner of Insinto. Insinto helps customer and service-oriented organizations to connect knowledge about employee behavior, customer experience and organizational results to (big) data analyzes. The aim is to improve the operating result with well-founded models and by combining different data sources. ''

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